About Us

Pure Minutes is a leading provider of international prepaid calling and Top Up mobile phone payments. Pure Minutes makes international calling affordable and easy, eliminating the need for expensive international mobile plans and deceptive calling cards. With Pure Minutes, subscribers are guaranteed low rates for all destinations - no gimmicks, hassles, or fine print!

Long distance phone service

International calling

Subscribers simply dial a local access number, and through our automated ID software, Pure Minutes can recognize any subscribed caller - making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past. Once identified by our system, users can dial any international destination over the Pure Minutes network, enjoying quality talk time at low-cost rates.

Pure Minutes gives users the freedom to pay for the minutes they want to use, when they want to use them - without worrying about expiration, hidden fees, or contracts.

Pure Minutes services also include Top Up mobile phone payments, giving individuals the ability to pay the mobile phone bills of family and friends living outside of the U.S., without the expensive fees from wiring money.

Long Distance callers can easily recharge online or in person at any of the thousands of recharge locations in the USA and Canada.

Our Retail Network

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