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An advanced technology that considerably minimizes distance. Distance isn't even an issue once it involves connecting with beloved ones and friends. Pure Minutes is a smartphone application that enables you to quickly interact with your long-distance relationships and acquire instant Top up for Movistar Chile online from anyplace, anytime, and additionally assist to send credit to your loved ones anytime

Pure Minutes mobile Top up app is the most trust worthy app for activity a Movistar Top up Chile right away, it needs some basic data like mobile number and also the destination country, along with the operator. you'll proceed to the payment page very easily

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In Chile, people who got to Top up a mobile will use the Pure Minutes website for an easy and comfy recharge using their laptop or computer. you only pay a second to Top up a mobile online with the Pure Minutes website and it takes only 3 steps for Movistar Top up online:

  • Go to the Pure Minutes website and make your free account and fill within the form and you may get to register on the website
  • The most important one is getting into your details carefully and choosing the mobile operator that you wish to recharge and then selecting the amount you need to send.
  • Before you proceed to the payment page, make sure your number is correct which you have got all payment options ready

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